Coconut Beeswax Blend Candles

Our Candles Start with Responsible Beekeeping

At Can't Dance Farm, we responsibly and sustainably raise chemical treatment free honeybee colonies. Using the excess wax harvested from our honey supers and not the main "home" of the colony, we are able to create the best candles that are long lasting, smell amazing and are non-toxic.


Why Coconut-Beeswax?

We have created a proprietary blend of coconut-beeswax candles that will make your home smell great without Pthalates, Parabens or animal testing.

🥥Coconut wax is a sustainable, plant based wax that creates a spectacular scent throw while also burning cleanly

🐝 Beeswax adds hardness to the candle and lengthens burn time as an added bonus
🐝 Beeswax neutralizes pollutants in your home. Burning beeswax releases its negative ions into the air, which bind to pollutants and neutralize them
🐝 Because our wax is not commercially farmed, you know the entire bee colony was not fully melted at the end of the season or treated with dozens of chemicals (as all commercial beeswax is, no matter what you are told) to keep the bees producing at top rates.
🐝While our new process will slow our extra honey production slightly, it is not a detriment to our honey bees, as we will never harvest wax (or honey) from the main "home" of the colony where eggs are laid and food (honey and pollen) is stored.