Nigerian Dwarf Senior Does

Nigerian Dwarf Goats:

Nigerian Dwarf goats are a small farm favorite. They produce up to two quarts of high butterfat milk per day and are pint sized compared to their larger cousins. The average Nigerian weighs between 60-75lbs fully grown. Their milk can be used for making anything from fudge, cheese, ice cream, candles and our own favorite- soap!


Eagle Meadows Cadence

DOB: 03/10/2019
Sire: Eagle Meadows Picasso
(Agape Oaks EM Rembrandt x SGCH Sans Gene K Cookies and Cream 3*M)
Dam: SG Eagle Meadows Flurryheart 6*M ELITE
​( SG Sugar Moon RB Victory +*B x SG Eagle Meadows Fancy Pants)
*Photos courtesy of Sugar Mountain Farm*

Eagle Meadows Cinnamon Honey

DOB: 02/08/2021
Sire:: Brook Valley CM Cajeta
( J-Nels L Cookie Monster x J-Nels DH Chantilly 3*M)
Dam:: Eagle Meadows Camille
( Eagle Meadows Picasso x SG Eagle Meadows Fancy Pants 5*M )
*Photo courtesy of Sugar Mountain Farm*

Dreamland Acres Magnolia Rain


Rain is our herd queen. She was a first freshener this year, giving birth to twin bucklings. Her flashy blue eyes, beautiful coat pattern and sweet disposition make her a farm favorite!



DOB: 3/27/2021

Black with minimal white, white poll, frosted ears, blue eyes, disbudded

Sire: Sugar Mountain Blue River


Dam: Shine on Tia Maria